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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  January 22, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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page, i got my share of spankings with spoons. i think all my generation did and you know what? we didn't have school shootings. another good point. thanks for being part of the real story today. i'm gretchen carlson. shepard smith now reporting live. >> huge snowstorm with a mess across the east coast and travel problems across the country. ahead, a look at the airport misery map. plus, i'm sure you have seen the crack smoking mayor of rob ford saying he's off the wagon. he didn't have to admit it, mr. mayor. ahead, the video out for the past 26 hours and showing that proves it all. and need a billion dollars? one of the richest men on the planet ready to hand it over. you have to do something that never has ever, ever, ever, ever done and you won't do it, either. we'll have a pr pro if it's more than a publicity stunt. the answer will be no. let's get to it. first from the fox news
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deck, united states olympic officials confirm they received a same e-mail that put countries on alert. according to a european official, it reads in part, quote, persons attending the games might be blown up. unquote. the winter games begin in sochi, russia, in a couple of weeks. officials are saying that the message is not a credible threat. not credible. but of course, terrorists have promised to attack the games and russian security teams report they have been trying to track them down before they get the chance. jonathan hunt's on the fox news deck with us this afternoon. sounds like american officials are not taking chances with the e-mail despite they think it's bogus. >> these u.s. officials certainly at the u.s. olympic committee took it very seriously, indeed. as did officials at seven european countries who received the same or similar e-mail. they all were disturbed enough by it to report it immediately to their respective security services. now, u.s. oc ceo scott blackman
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sold us, quote, we have forwarded the message to the appropriate authorities. the safety and security of team usa is our top priority. now, it is the international olympic committee playing down the e-mails, worth pointing out in the context, shep, that the international olympic committee backed president putin of claiming there's no problems. they also have 300,000 unsold tickets sitting on right now. nonetheless, head of media relations at the ioc said to me in a e-mail, quote, the e-mail is one person's opinion about security and terrorism. it is not a threat from a terrorist. certainly, though, president obama himself is concerned. he got on the phone yesterday with president putin of russia and promised all possible u.s. assistance to combat any potential terrorist attack. shep? >> jonathan, thanks. security forces in israel say they busted militants
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talking on the internet about the possibility of blowing up the u.s. embassy in tel aviv. they say it was one of several targets the men were talking about attacking. i say talking about because our correspondent in israel reported in the last hour that this never went past the chatter stage. to call it a plan would be a real stretch. these are pictures of the three palestinian suspects according to the israeli officials working with al qaeda. again, that's according to the israelis. u.s. government said they cannot confirm the report. fox news cannot confirm the report. the government sources say they have no reason to doubt the israeli intelligence. the deep freeze is here after the monster winter storm dumped more than a foot of snow on the east coast and more in philly. records broken. folks are miserable trying to dig out. we have pictures from this storm and they're right here. this looks like times square to me. i'm not 100% sure. this is backed up traffic on the east side or upper east side of
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manhattan. complaints of rich people on the upper east side. the mayor didn't get us to dissing the rich. actually, seems like so much traffic in the rush hour the rush hour is early and the know coming down so the plows couldn't get in around the cars. anyway, here's a bed of a pickup truck coming up here. this is a bus. that's clearly a bus. it is not in service and then another one that's next -- next bus, please. not a lot going on. pickup truck. i love the pictures. this is like the pick yours that people tweet in of the back deck, right? wind's blowing up and snow pile back deck and looks like a good of know and they go, would you look at -- here's the national news anchor doing the same damn thing. take a look at this. this is snow. philly chitchat this is from. so much snow in philadelphia, people sledding down the steps of the city's famous museum. since we are in philadelphia, this is the heart of the entire story and not mentioning it.
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philadelphia had more snow than they have had in like a month of sundays. nobody can remember when they had this much. it made for gridlock in the great city. and really surprised everybody because where in new york it started 11:00 in the morning, in philadelphia it started 3:30, 4:00 in the afternoon and pounded them throughout the entire rush hour. a couple of inches or more an hour. philly got disasterized as i heard a local put it. meanti meantime, forecasters say the bitter cold is not letting up any time soon. this is a map better than dixie. 48 in new orleans. they're not used to that. 0 in cleveland. 0 in chicago. the current windchills. it's 3 here in new york city. 30 down in raleigh. you can see the digits are not going to change in the northeast much in the midwest over the next few days. in fact, except for a few hours maybe on one day, we're below freezing according to rick. is that the truth, sir? >> it is the truth. stays cold for a while and it was a big storm.
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it was really light, fluffty snow and the wind blowing and making the drifts. this storm really kind of a coastal event, though, interior sections of the mid-atlantic and northeast and coastal stuff and look at the storm totals, though. 7 to 8.5 around the d.c. area. philly, 13.5. new york city, 11.5 and big winner in cape cod and the island, just to the south of the boston area, 18 inches of snow. take a look at this. airports having problems. winds gusting 20 to 30 miles per hour. the snow on the ground still blowing around causing a little bit of reduced visibility and certainly problems for the planes trying to take off. >> if you told us a couple of days we would have got this, people would have said, no, that's not happening. >> myself included. >> everybody. >> we didn't see the storm coming as much of a strong storm as it was a few days out on this one. definitely caused problems. the cold air isn't going to go
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anywhere for a while. take a look at the current windchills. you were showing those. minus 34 in fargo. take a look at the next seven days around the chicago area. these are the morning low temperatures, shep. average around 16. saturday above that. take a look at this. out for a week and seeing temperatures overnight around 0 or below 0 and we are going to continue to see clippers move through and with each successive one, the colder air back in and keeps things cold. one last map. the pink is temperatures below 0. see the blue. that's below 32. freezing. now put it in motion over about the next ten days. the pink keeps on getting down here to the northern plains and great lakes. super bowl sunday, we have the pink. 0s across the northern plains and the freezing across the northeast. temps below 0 or freezing for most people for 10 to 11 days.
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>> february and late january. thank you. massive snowstorm is causing serious problems at the nation's airports. the storm just yesterday canceled thousands and delayed and cancelations so much. take a look at the wall here. this image of twitter shows a plane covered in snow. they have to be deiced. that takes time. sometimes more than once. this is newark liberty in jersey last night. the guy that posted the photo said it arrived in honolulu. shocking for the plane. welcome back. the snow and ice today have grounded more than 1,700 flights. most along the east coast and delays and cancelations here can have a ripple effect backing up flights across the country. this map from a flight over here, one, two, three, four. that's potrage. you have flight delays? >> yeah. this is cool. this is flight aware causes the misery map. the number of flights and the percentage of flight that is are canceled in cities across the country and if you click on new york city here, the red is
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percentage that are canceled or delayed and shows you the route that is are having the most problems. you can see the line here, the route to atlanta is red. >> route to atlanta should always be red. always a disaster getting to and from atlanta. go on. >> d.c. also -- >> imagine. atlanta again. do we see a pattern? anyone else? >> yeah. chicago here. >> they can get to chicago from atlanta all right. not that you want to. boston? >> yeah. this is boston. >> when's going on there? no problems getting atlanta. if you're in chicago or boss phenomenon, you can get to atlanta. that's a cool map. can anybody access that? >> yeah, yeah, yeah. or google flight aware and misery map. >> a fourth of all flights. >> a lot of problems. >> understandable. all right. rich from fox but networks just outside d.c. how long are the delays there, rich? >> reporter: well, shep, anywhere from about an hour into
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canceled. there are delays here and the folks say it's not our fault waiting for planes from elsewhere and experiencing ground delays not able to go to other places and other parts and airports of the country. dca, reagan national airport, flightaware saying dulles at 18 and baltimore at 19 cancelations for the day. that compares to yesterday here at national where we had 176 cancelations and dulles 115 and bwi 106. one of the delays here, though, they have to deice the planes because it's colder than freezing here like much of the northeast, shep. >> what are passengers telling you, rich? >> reporter: well, you know, for those who are delayed, it is as you noticed a third, they're handling it pretty well. >> i was delayed i guess about 13 hours and i had gotten an e-mail from the airline saying that the flight was canceled. >> supposed to leave at 12:10
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and now 1:30 and that's who knows how long it will be? >> supposed to travel yesterday. at 5:00 in the morning. i have to go today. >> reporter: so getting back to normal in the national capital. the government is back open with a two-hour delay. back to you. >> all right. rich edson, thanks a lot. the weather may be cold but not acid snow as far as we know. forecasters in south korea say the stuff's been falling on the country. scientists say acid snow is in essence acid rain that's frozen. hello. those forecasters call it a mixture of snow and yellow dust. they're warning folks to use umbrellas to protect themselves outside. as for the lungs, that's another matter. celebrities and witnesses say they saw a small airport crash in aspen, colorado. now the first video of the deadly crash as it happened and that's next. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ]
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newly released video shows the moment a small jet crashed in aspen this morning. this month, i should say. cameras from five different angles appear to show it hitting the runway, going back in the air and coming down nose first before bursting into flames. a person died in the crash. two others hurt. there's word this was the pilot's second attempt at landing after he reported high winds in the first one. the reason that we all took note of this, frankly, is a number of
12:15 pm
celebrities say they were near the airport. the singer leann rimes said she saw it happen. do investigators know what caused this? >> reporter: not yet. we talked to an official today who said it could be about a year until they issue a final report. but you do get a better idea of what they are working with when you see what the cameras captured on aairport and impact. ntsb investigators have five vantage points from the cameras at the ramp in aspen. what you can't see is how bad the wind was. a preliminary report found a tail wind of at least 21 miles per hour with gusts up to 28 miles per hour. and the aspen airport at aality tuld of 7,890 feet is no tour yoesly difficult for landing and taking off for pilots. here's an expert. >> by the way, this accident could have happened at almost
12:16 pm
any airport. forget the aspen stuff. reality is, if they landed in a tail wind like that at laguardia airport, they would have bought the terminal. that's a pilot issue. >> reporter: the preliminary report lists weather as a role. >> how did the two survivors make out? >> well, there were three people on board and all three actually were pilots. one died on scene and when you look at that crash video and the aftermath, it really is remarkable that anybody survived this at all. one man who went to the hospital in critical condition remains hospitalized right now. but the third was released just last week. officials say they had left southern mexico and made a stopover in phoenix and headed to aspen to pick up family and friends. and so we can expect an official cause of this crash about a year from now. shep? >> thank you. want a billion dollars? fill out a perfect march madness bracket. nobody's ever done that as far as we know.
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where every second of nbc universal's coverage will be available on every device. on tv, online or streaming on the nbc sports live extra app. beginning february 6th, experience the winter games everywhere. welcome to what's next. comcast nbcuniversal 20 minutes past the hour. we've heard so much about the possible dangers surrounding the upcoming olympic game that is we can't forget that there's plenty of good stuff ahead, including the talented athletes themselves and a big chunk of entertainment might come from a pair of pants. the members of norway's curling team are known for their funky uniforms and this year it seems -- well, it seems, but it looks like to the producers they've outdone themselves. this is van yooufr 2010. remember that?
12:21 pm
they won silver in that. they have some silver in the pants. maybe that's part of it. this is during last year's world curling championships. pant with a norwegian flag pattern. there you go. this is what they have coming up. this is another one that they wore. checkered pants with colored -- some kind of lightning bolt thing you can see here in the country colors. i guess they dress things up. the reason we are going this is because they have unveiled the uniforms for sochi. here they are. norway. we report. you describe. all right then. all right. well, here's a reason to brush up on your college basketball. warren buffett is offering a billion dollars for anyone that fills out a perfect march madness bracket. gee, thanks. or anyone that quickly learns to fly. according to quicken loans,
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which is running the contest, see here? see the tie-in, a corporate tie-in. quicken loans. got it? pick the winner in every single game of the ncaa bracket, not once they have announced who they are. pick them all and the money is yours. one entry per household, please. be a u.s. resident. it is worth nothing. there are no -- there is no record of anyone ever filling out a perfect bracket ever. i think espn had 300 million brackets filled out since starting this since when fluff was a kitten. a math professor calling himself an expert says the odds of actually doing so about 1 in 9.2 quintillion. that's a 9 plus 18 more digits or 0s you want. in fact, number crunchers say you have 52 billion more times likely to win the powerball jackpot than to do this thing
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that warren buffett thought he could get us to talk about. >> here you are. >> i know. what do you make of this, dana? >> well, i think it's -- you asked the question before the break. is it a good pr move? yes. >> he just got -- >> great for him. march madness is fun for some people. >> it is. >> it is illegal. you can't have a contest or gamble on it in the workforce. >> workforce? >> a place of business. >> no. you can pick boxes. fill out brackets. we have practical -- you can all put in $20 a bracket and then as long as all the money goes to the winner, there's no v ig, as long as you don't take money off the top, it's all good. we do lots of them. >> i go crazy about march madness. drives me crazy. >> what a shining moment. >> i like football. i don't love basketball.
12:24 pm
march madness. i do have -- >> why not? >> i have a method to my own march madness. >> color of uniforms? >> mascots an i that's gd. >> what you do is you take that board up there and list all the games, the matchups. >> they will. >> decide, say, name two teams. >> the rebels. >> rebels and -- >> lsu tigers. >> you have to decide -- >> purple. >> can a rebel beat a tiger or a tiger and a rebel in a fight? think about that like what could win and a rebel is tough but a tiger has more of an advantage because of the strength and the claws. >> all right. >> see how i do this? >> i like this. >> i tell you, i'm actually -- if you use my method, you can come pretty close to guessing who's going to win. >> probably work as well as mine. >> i did well last year until the end. >> arizona looks good. >> what are they? wildcats? okay. well, the big question is, the seahawks versus the broncos because a bronco could kick a seahawk in the head.
12:25 pm
>> yeah. >> but a seahawk could fly away. >> make poopies on him. >> in his eye. and then what? >> i like your approach. be careful with the little guy. >> which one? i couldn't remember. >> grumpy? >> that's what i was thinking. they have a mess going on, those two. dana, urgent news just in. >> get to it. just in to the fox news deck, at least one person is hurt after ice from a building in midtown manhattan. not just a building. this is right outside our building. 48th street. this is one of the hazards in living where buildings are 50 stories tall. a local report said it hit the man in the head and right here between 5th avenue and 6th avenue. we're between 6th and 7th. this is the only side of the street down there by lenny's and five guys i guess. >> dangerous. >> ice falls around here all the time after big things because though it's not getting near
12:26 pm
freezing today, the sun hits the ice and makes it break apart a little bit and then the nasty winds and winds could take a seahawk and affect a seahawk more than -- >> i know what you will do all night. working on the break wet the mascot theory do. that and -- besides, i have to ask you. you never thanked me for the jasper calendar. that was an actual contest to win something that i did on facebook and you -- i gave you one out of the goodness of my heart. >> moving things around and i saw it. i opened it. guess what's in there? pictures of your dog. >> i know. very -- do you know that that's only like 40 made? >> i didn't know. i told you sold them o'reilly style by the millions. >> call warren buffett to get in on the action. >> he probably would. jasper is a hot ticket. >> i know. he is amazing. jasper could beat any of these guys. >> dana, always --
12:27 pm
>> university of manhattan. >> that's good. i don't know what they do. they're world famous. >> he was a priest or a saint or something. >> your producers let you go on for hours on end? mine are screaming. one blew a gasket. >> sorry. >> no, it's all good. >> thank you. pentagon has a new timeline for getting troops out of afghanistan and could end the longest war of america a whole lot faster than the military planned. afghanistan is on the plate and it's next. i ys say be thman with the plan but with less ergy, moodiness, i had to do something. i saw mdoctor. a blood test showed it was low testosterone, not age. we talked about axiron the onlynderarm low t treaent
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12:30 pm
trying to save his entire family. in fact, did so. after a fire broke out in their mobile home east of rochester, new york. according to firefighters. they say nine people were inside that small trailer. six made it out alive and two kids and went in to save his grandfather and that's when he died. a man drove his pickup truck off a cliff plummeting nearly 300 feet to the ground. he was air lifted to the hospital and alive. 300-foot fall. alive according to officials outside san francisco. police say they think he was, well, drunk. no word on whether he had sobered up just yet. óqoqúúñ@
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fox news can confirm the crack-smoking mayor of toronto is indeed the gift that keeps on giving. i watched this video about 1:00, 1:30 yesterday afternoon and laughed and cried and all kinds of things. he was at a fast-food restaurant, slurring and using a
12:33 pm
weird accent. here's a little bit. >> tell us about -- >> you know, he's hiding here. i'm hiding here. oh [ bleep ]. you know how much money i got? money, money, money. >> buddy. he was talking about the city following him around and costing the money to do so. it's worth googling. we didn't show it all. somebody reportedly recorded it on monday night and hit yesterday afternoon. and mayor ford said he was drinking a little bit and the accent, he said that's how he speaks with his friends. back in november, mayor ford admitted smoking crack in a drunken stupor and said he stopped drinking and vowed the public would never see him in a drunk video. apparently the public wasn't watching. the buddies recorded this for
12:34 pm
him, huh? >> reporter: yeah. a minute long, shep, and most of it is incoherent but goes after the chief of police in toronto calling him obscenities in english and jamaican-english. as for that pledge he made not to drink anymore, the sobriety pledge, now the mayor says, look, on his own time he can do exactly what he wants. listen to it. >> i was with some friends and what i do in my personal life with my personal friends is up to me. >> you said -- >> it has nothing to do with you guys. it's my own time, my friend and it has -- okay, guys. no, no, no. >> excuse me. >> no, no, no. no, no, no, no. >> reporter: in case you didn't hear it, no, he wasn't driving. no, he wasn't doing drugs. during the tape and that fast-food restaurant, a guy comes up saying he's the best mayor in the world. all rob ford would say is he's the best mayor toronto has ever had. >> what do they say about him or
12:35 pm
call themselves? >> reporter: you know, look, he is not the most popular mayor ever but he is making a comeback. take a look at the poll back in december. rob ford's approval rating at 42%. but you look just a month ahead. now the approval rating's at 47%. the handling of the ice storm likely helped the numbers. if the election is held today, the mayor would easily win re-election and when he filed for re-election a couple of weeks ago he said people are tired of this whole drug scandal apparently and not the case because this story today is number one. it's trending very highly all over tropt and a lot of canada. people apparently want to hear about the exploits, shep. >> until the end. it's coming. trace gallagher, thank you very much. all good things come to an end. fox news confirmed that the u.s. military leaders presented the white house with a new plan. a new plan to keep just 10,000 u.s. troops in afghanistan after this year. that's according to a senior
12:36 pm
u.s. official. the "wall street journal" is reporting that the goal, again, we have had lots of goals in afghanistan, here's the new one. the goal is to eventually get the number of troops down to zero by the time president obama leaves office. 43,000 united states troops were skill in afghanistan as of last month and the draw down continues. under this proposal, after this year, that number would drop by 33,000. the defense department reports more than 2,300 u.s. troops have died since the war began in 2001. lea gabrielle flew combat missions in afghanistan and i wonder how the news is sitting. >> rep, u.s. officials confirmed to fox news that the top general in afghanistan presented this proposal to the white house last week. now, according to the "the wall street journal" the pentagon is essentially requesting an all or nothing approach meaning to keep the full 10,000 troops in afghanistan to support the bases
12:37 pm
and the mission otherwise they recommend pulling out entirely. >> strategic significance of this is very self evident. the stability of afghanistan, the stability of the region is put at risk by the fact that the taliban and the al qaeda will have a free hand with the united states gone. >> that was retired general jack keen telling me that 10,000 is a small number to be able to ensure continued stability in afghanistan, shep. >> thankfully, there's a balance here. the generals don't make the decisions. there's more that goes into it. >> that's true. at this point, afghanistan's president has not signed a bilateral security agreement to allow any troops to stay in afghanistan past 2014. the white house saying unless that happens soon, they'll plan to withdraw. >> that's not the future we're seeking. it is not the policy we think is best and we don't believe it's in afghanistan's best interest. but the further it slips into 2014, the more likely such an
12:38 pm
outcome. >> white house officials say that they'll also be weighing inputts from the intelligence community, diplomats and other experts when making the decision, shep. >> all right. thanks very much. the bloody protests across ukraine killed at least three people today as the fighting seems to get worse by the minute. live pictures now from ukraine's capital. it is going on 11:00 in the evening there but the explosive demonstrations are still going on. we have been watching as the demonstrators set enormous fires. riot cops trying to hold back the crowds. protesters tore down barricades. the fighting boils down to this. a battle of east and west and which culture ukranians want for their future. the crowds demonstrate the government aligning with russia. the people want an ally with europe, in europe. pictures show riot police shooting at protesters who tore down the barricades. officials say two people died from gunshots although ukraine's
12:39 pm
prime minister claims the cops did not have real bullets. a third died after a fall. first, the fake sign language at the memorial service for nelson mandela and now there's this. a surprise in the statue of the late icon. wait until you see what artists put in its ear. plus, not only does candy crush own your life but the folks behind the game are trying to own the word "candy." we'll break down their chances next.
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. . .
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richard sherman, the corner back for the seattle seahawks going to the super bowl in a couple of weeks with the verbal diarrhea there after the win the other night, theory. we have to have something to talk about for two weeks. if you're richard sherman and want to be one of the top-selling jerseys in football right now which you just did and have everybody talking about
12:43 pm
you, probably the best corner back in the league, maybe in a few years, it's happened. do you just have verbal diarrhea and later go, i shouldn't have done that. it was really about my team. just a theory. but if we back it up, anyway, richard sherman is speaking right now. we backed it up from the top. richard, do you have any regrets? >> i mean, you know, it is what it is. and, you know, things like that happen. you deal with the consequences of it, people's opinions. i mean, you know, i have come from a place where it's all adversity. what's a little bit more? what's a little more people telling you what you can't do, not going to do. you know? what you've done and you know, it is always a little more of that but it is fine to me. [ inaudible ] i'm really surprised by that. if i knew it would have blew up like that, i would have approached it differently.
12:44 pm
it took away from my teammates' great games. interception. huge plays in the game. and played almost a perfect ball game. ran for -- freaking beast mode ran for 100 yards plus. a great run and bobby with 15 tackles. so many people played great games and so that's the only thing i feel regretful about. [ inaudible ] yeah. i think the backlash because i think the support came after the backlash because everybody was surprised by it. i think was surprised by it. that you canning about football here. people took it further than football. and, you know, i guess some people -- some people showed, you know, how far we have really come. in this day and age. it's kind of profound and kind of what happened and people's opinions and things of that nature because, you know, i was between -- i was on the football field showing passion. maybe it was misdirected or things immature.
12:45 pm
things could have been worded better but this is on the football field. i wasn't committing any crimes. you know? doing anything illegal. showing passion after a football game. you know? i didn't have time to sit there and contemplate what will i say? people behind computer screens had all the time to contemplate everything they say and articulate it like they wanted to and some i'm sure they were pretty embarrassed about. [ inaudible ] i hope so. i hope it resonates more with them. because it's -- there's no limits to what you can do. you know? i think, you know, regardless of how bizarre sometimes my story
12:46 pm
gets especially in times like this, it's remarkable, you know, how a kid from comp tn, a kid from humble beginnings and the story resonates for any kid from humble beginnings or whatever beginnings you come from. just understand that you -- your circumstances don't dictate your future. your circumstances don't control your limits. you know? you're limitless. you're a limitless person. you're limited by the faith, the abilities. your trust in yourself. your hard work. if you can do it as much as you want to do, if you go to school and get good grades, work as hard as you can, don't have the materials, the school books, people can help you with that. there's always people that want to help kids like that. i'm trying to help as many as i can. >> what he said is he department think it would blow up in the way it did. have you seen a postgame interview like this? >> final play. take me through it. >> i'm the best corner in the game. quh you -- a receiver like crabtree, that's the results you will get. don't you ever talk about me.
12:47 pm
>> who was talking about you? >> crabtree. don't you open your mouth. i'm going to stand up for you real quick. >> not talking to andrews but us. eyes wide open. no blinking. staring straight in creating a narrative? i don't know. we can never know what he was doing. we know that the effect was creating a narrative. we know that a bunch of racists in twitter showed everybody they're racist. it gave them an opportunity to do so. they did that. not like we didn't know racists existed in twitter. the rest of it, what was the goal? after you won right there. i teem best. i teem best. my team won. i'm the best. he says that he regretd that is now. he's selling the uniforms. still behind peyton manning but selling uniforms. people know his name. came from stanford, compton.
12:48 pm
maybe the best in the league. selling a lot of jerseys. a whole lot of jerseys thanks to that. and we'll be back. [ female announcer ] season after season, no matter the occasion... your home's the place everyone gathers. so be ady with a stouffer's lasagna. it's the mouthwatering recipe that keeps them coming back. stouer's. madeith care for your family. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for him, he's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. i was okay, but after lunch my knee started to hurt again. and now i've got to take more pills. ♪ yup. another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? ♪
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if you're counting the pr stunts, this would be the third one in this newscast. the company behind candy crush is a step closer to owning the word candy. a step closer, yet a long way away. reports indicate the u.s. patent and trademark office is set to approve the game maker's request to copyright the word candy unless and until someone objects within 30 days. queue someone. the british company claims it's trying to crack down on other makers of merchandise trying to profit from its success. candy crush, which you see here, and i stopped playing, because
12:52 pm
it ruined my life, candy crush makes an estimated $1 million a day. i forgot to look at this board. and if you get this over here, but you can't. right now, what you want to do is stuff like this, and now you have me playing it. we could do this the rest of the hour. i gave this up for a reason. do not start this thing if you have not thus far. just leave it alone. leave it to the children. it makes 100 -- it makes $1 million in profit, more than 500 million downloads since 2012. recently, somebody pulled something similar, trademarking the word "home" and as did apple with "apple." but is this sort of thing really okay? should companies be allowed to trademark words like candy? we want to know what you think, tweet us @shepnewsteam. can you trademark -- all they need is one objection? >> oh, sure. there's market confusion. good 'n plenty candy will be safe from something like this,
12:53 pm
because there's no market confusion. they won't be able to eliminate the word candy. what they're going to be able to do is say anybody that wants to use the word candy with this type of video game, they'll be restricted. there's no way they'll be able to say, a blanket candy, because then, what's going to happen to the good 'n plenty, now sweet things, candy -- >> they'll be able to get away with not allowing anyone else to use the word candy in a game? >> with respect to video game, if the u.s. patent office looks at this and they can restrict it in a way, they would -- >> it wouldn't apply to candyland, which has been using this 40 years longer -- >> exactly. no market confusion. it goes back to, is this the fact that someone is using the word candy, somehow they're going to think it's candy crush is putting out this merchandise? and if they can't show that, can't prove it, then they don't have a trademark infringement. >> what about those that have already started using the word candy in the wake of candy crush's candiness? >> that's the first time i saw the game. i'm so -- i've never played it. >> come over here, i'll teach you how. all you have to do is get three
12:54 pm
in a row. >> oh, my god, so cool. like this one over here? >> see, that make -- >> look at that! oh, no. >> now, see this one? >> you're getting me addicted. >> pull this down and watch what happens. you get a wrapped wandy. >> you've made me an addict. >> once you have a wrapped candy, you want to get it near these. >> over here? >> you want to get -- so another blue one down there. so you can get the wrapped candy -- you put the two wrapped candies together, greatness is going to happen. the world will explode. you don't want to do that. >> oh, my goodness. >> see there? a lot going on. >> you made magic happen. >> if you had one of the giant touch screens -- look at it now. i think you just won $50 on the slot machines. >> now i really want candy, though. >> see? >> yeah, there you go. >> you can't use that word anymore. >> can't. >> i don't know what else is happening. >> market confusion. >> it's been a little more than a month since the death of -- now we're going to talk about nelson mandela. >> oh. >> not easy being a television news idiot. >> you can do it. >> how about this? we'll be right back.
12:55 pm
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a little more than a month now since the death of the south african civil rights icon nelson mandela, and now a giant 30-foot-tall mandela statue in p pretoria is causing a serious stir. the reason is a sculpted rabbit, which you can see here, tucked inside one of the statue's bronze ears. the sculptors admit they put it there. it's sort of a signature of their work, they say. but really, does nelson mandela need a rabbit in his ear? officials from south africa's department of arts and culture say they want it out of there. one spokesman says it does not belong there. no rabbits in ears. the director quentin tarantino put a new movie on hold because somebody leaked the script, and he claims someone famous -- some famous actors and their agents must be to blame. he broke the news in a interview you with "deadline." he said it's "the hateful eight," and he gave the script
12:59 pm
to no more than six people, actors and agents, including bruce dern, he's a best actor nominee at the oscars for this year for the movie "nebraska" and michael madsen, and the director says he could change his mind, but for now, he plans to try to get the script published as a book. and on this day back in '73, future boxing legend george foreman won the heavyweight title after knocking out joe frazier during the sundown showdown. the fight was supposed to be a buildup to an epic rematch with ali, but big george stunned the crowds and gave an upper cut to the eye when he sent smokin' joe onto the mat in the second round, and george foreman won the crown in kingston, 41 years ago. today. who knew he could grill?
1:00 pm
when the news breaks out, we'll break in. in the meantime, let's look at the dow. we're down a little bit on the session, about, what, .2 of a point? not too bad. your world with neil cavuto coming up right now. just when you think you can't tape it, another ford tape. and this guy's polling better than our president, eh? maybe because toronto's not doing so bad, eh? and us, not so good. a health care law that's got us sick and a recovery that's got many of us thinking we were stoned, but attention shoppers, all of that is about to change. unfortunately, for the worse. eh? welcome, everyone, i'm neil


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